Kirkland NorthWest

Upcoming group events


Salvation Army Food Drive - December - Starts by 11:45am.

Bring a snack.. It is an awkward time for an event.. Cubs may get hungry while, funny enough, while collecting food.  What to wear: Just your cub neckerchief on the outside of very warm clothing. 

What time will it end at? sadly we never know.. Depending of the streets that you are assigned and how fast the cubs go through it .. 

it may take quite a while or it can be done very quickly. What we have done in the past, is the drivers dropped off their cubs back to their homes or we can give you a call. 

The Salvation Army, will be providing Boxes to put in your trunk, each cub should bring a re-usable bag to do the door to door part, and once their bag fills up to bring it back to the car. 

Earth Day Clean Up

Our group for the last 4 years have joined up with our Beavers, Scouts and Venturers from KNW  to clean up our World.

Dress for the weather, wearing you cub t-Shirt and Neckerchief.  Bring also work gloves. This is a great event and lets see who can find the weirdest items!!!

Kirkland Day - Starts at 11:45 am

Kirkland day is where we show off what we do at Scouts to Kirkland!

We set up tents , shelters, hammock tents and show them how we can survive in the Wilderness! Play games, tie some knots and answer any questions from the youth or parents that our Interested in KNW.  Tell them your experiences in Scouting they will love your stories!

Bring a hat and sunscreen as it will be a sunny day!  There will be food and drinks to purchase on site!